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Starting to Stress

Hi all,
1.5 year engagement, 292 days to go....

Had my first actual wedding nightmare last night! I was late, it was a 2 day event, my hairstyle was horrible, my dress wouldn't fit right, not all my makeup was in my bag... at least the venue was gorgeous. I woke up stressed. 

So anywho, I'm having a stress (not quite panic, but definite stress) moment over budget.  I found it was easy to budget for everything "big" - an all-inclusive venue, a photographer, a DJ. The big stuff was easy. For everything smaller, I kept thinking things like, "Oh, I get my hair done every 2 months anyway so the day-of hairstyling will be out of my usual discretionary budget."  Well, today I started writing down all the other incidentals and NOW I'm starting to stress. How the heck does all that little stuff just... pile up? I mean, we have to remember parking fees for vendors, and we're in a city- parking is not cheap. Bridesmaid gifts. When I started pricing out Save the Dates, and thinking about programs... even with just 80 guests, the STDates and programs and stamps will add up!  And I until I consulted TK's Budget list again today, I'd totally forgotten about buying FI's wedding ring.

We haven't even discussed the honeymoon budget. Ugh.

Anyone else starting or already having these "moments"?

Re: Starting to Stress

  • It's amazing how much little things there are to think of! We will most likely have 95-100 guests (inviting 120 but, a lot of them  are OOT. Obviously we will plan for 100 percent attendance but, I'm assuming many some won't make it) so I was trying to figure out the alcohol last night. It's just so confusing. I used one of the budget calculators and our caterer helped us with a formula but, I keep thinking what if more people want wine?! or beer?! what if I don't buy enough?! FI luckily talks me down from a lot of my paranoia but, I am beginning to feel stressed too!

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  • I also have to agree about all these "little things."  I was just looking at our budget the other day and I thought I had it all figured out then I kept thinking of all those small things.

    The way I look at it is...if you are stressed now, it is going to be a very long 10 months.  This is supposed to be the BEST time of your life.  Don't let the stress ruin it.  I always tell myself...everything always works out, no matter how much time I spend stressing over it.  While it's important to stick with your budget...just think, you are doing this 10 months in have plenty of time to figure out where the money is going.  Enjoy this process!! :)
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    I had my first wedding nightmare last night too! We were trying to take the photographs and everyone kept wandering off and the guests were complaining that they wanted the reception to start. Not a fun way to wake up! I also initially forgot to budget for STDs and programs- luckily we came in under budget on the photographer/videographer so I am using the savings for those. If not all of your contracts are signed yet, see what else you can trim (like center pieces). Also, keep in mind that STDs are not necessary, you can always just let people know the date. The same goes for programs unless you're having a ceremony your guests may be unfamiliar with. But whenever the stress starts building, remind yourself that in 292 days you get to marry the love of your life- and that is the only thing that really matters! ETA: And we are waiting about four months after the wedding to take our honeymoon due to fiancé's school schedule. You can always wait a bit on that if your finances can't handle it right after the wedding.
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    Very much helps to keep perspective! :)

  • I have a wedding nightmare every couple weeks. These next 9 months are going to be exhausting! We decided against STDates. I find them to be pointless and extra money that we just do not have. I plan on sending my invitations out a few weeks earlier to allow for ample planning time for the guests. I just made my own guest book on I cannot wait for it to get here. It was a little more than if I were to buy a white one from JoAnns or Walmart, but I look at it this way: the white books will be looked at one time to help with thank-you notes and then never looked at again. My book from shutterfly is a picture book, so it is fun for the guests and we can set it out with our other photo books and it will be looked at more than once.

    I am planning on having friends do my hair makeup and nails. I have friends who are VERY talented in these areas, and a few who have been through beauty school, so  that will be a major help. We are also making our own cake (cupcakes) and my cousin is building our cake stand and card box. I am trying to keep everything as cheap as possible, but the little things are still adding up and making me question if I am going at it the "right" way!

    Best of luck to you ladies in future planning!
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    Over Christmas, I burst into tears over tablecloths.  You are not alone.
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  • First wedding dream last night.  Not really a bad dream, just strange.  Some great moments with FI.  Then the random part where we were sitting for formal portraits for the cake cutting, and I looked at my watch (not sure why I was wearing one at my wedding) and realized it was 9:15 & I hadn't done any dancing.  
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