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Groom's signature drink


We're having signature drinks are our wedding one is for me called the "Blushing Bride" and it's either going to be vodka and pink lemonade or vodka and pomegranate juice, but for the Groom's drink we aren't sure what to call it! His favourite is a Caesar (or Bloody Mary for the Americans) and while it doesn't match, he's going to be asking for it anyway! So we decided to make it a little special! But we don't know what to call it! I was thinking "Groom's Grog" but he doesn't like it and frankly neither do I! Any ideas? We want to keep the word Groom in the title. 

Thanks ladies! 
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Re: Groom's signature drink

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    I veto groom's grog. It sounds weird and Halloween/Harry Potter like. 

    Gallant groom? Giddy groom? Gleeful groom? Gracious groom? 

    Too bad we don't live in the time where gay only meant happy, because the Gay Groom is my favorite pick! (I don't mean too bad like, "Too bad homosexuals exist.")
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