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To-Do Tuesday!

Hi ladies!

What is on the agenda this week both WR and NWR?
(Happy early Thanksgiving!)

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Re: To-Do Tuesday!

  • NWR - I'm making three pies (pecan, french silk and pumpkin) plus a vegetable dish hopefully tomorrow, if I can get out of work early. I don't know why I always take so much on!

    WR - Researching what kind of dance classes we want to take in the new year. It's crazy around here. Everyone suggests 10 lessons, and will charge you $750. Oh, yeah... that makes sense. Maybe I can find a groupon.
  • WR- mail my thank you's (yep, I will get pummeled on the etiquette board, for this lol)

    NWR- Continue my household reorganization.  Only have my living room and kitchen cupboards left to do, so excited to have my winter cleaning done by Christmas!
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  • WR--wrap up final service/event details, send off a couple payments, clean and pack up all the glassware to deliver to my aunt this weekend, work on Spotify play list for dinner, wrap up a couple other odds and ends

    I am feeling REALLY good about how everything is coming together and love that we have been able to incorporate all sorts of personal touches along the way!

    NWR--cousin's b'ball game tonight, get ready for traveling and tailgating this weekend (War Eagle!) + out of town work trip at the beginning of next week (which is kind of crazy actually!), enjoy some down time with Matt before the fun begins :)
  • WR - filled out wedding license application online :) arranged some dentist appointments so my teeth look perfect for the wedding...I need to find a hair dresser. My roots are like halfway down my hair now and I need to decide if I want to dye it the bottom dyed color or the top natural color haha 

    NWR - get ready for a long drive to the states for american thanksgiving (I'm Canadian but my fiance's sister in law is american so we are going to be joining them :D ) I'm super excited because my family lives far away and I couldn't afford to see them for canadian thanksgiving and I can't cook to save my life so I didn't have a thanksgiving yet haha. also black friday... 
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