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closing in a large outdoor reception area... Need ideas!

So my fiance and I are trying to find a venue right now with a backyard feel. We found a church that we are considering getting married in. It has a huge plot of grass behind the chuch that would be ideal for the reception. One side of the plot is lined with trees, another is the backside of the church and the other two are parking lot. I would like to create a more boxed in feel and put up some walls or decor that kinda closes it in and blocks out the parking lot/cars. Hopefully that makes sense! Does anyone have ideas of some backdrops or diy projects that could add to the essence of the wedding but also block out the cars from being our backdrop??!?!?!?



Re: closing in a large outdoor reception area... Need ideas!

  • Maybe you could buy a row of white trellis fences?  They're very pretty, and if it's in your budget, maybe your florist could weave roses through?  That'd be a whimsical and romantic look.  Just a thought :]  happy planning!
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    Can you get some potted palms, rosebushes, or other plants that are tall enough to conceal the cars? 
  • What about making faux walls out of PVC pipe and fabric? You can youtube how to do this - it's super easy if you have access to a Home Depot/Lowe's and a fabric store. It's a great way to incorporate your wedding colors. You could anchor the bottoms with plants or even just cinder blocks covered in fabric.

    Another option would be to rent a tent (perhaps your rain plan) and do the tent sides on the side that faces the parking lot. 

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