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Review of ME Photography/Kara Knutson

Hi all, I wanted to give my fellow brides (and grooms) a friendly warning regarding a vendor that I had quite some trouble with. So here is my story and warning about ME Photography...

I read a lot of great reviews here and on other websites for Kara. My fiancé and I met with her in June. On July 1, I sent Kara the contract and deposit in the mail and sent off an email to let her know to look for it. In September or October, I hadn't received any acknowledgement that it was received, but my check was cashed. I emailed Kara (several times) to try to get a copy of the contract WITH her signature for my records.

I sent her a copy of the cashed check (from my bank) and other information multiple times. Turns out she did not record the check or receipt of the contract in her business records. Finally, in November she called me back with this information, and told me what had happened and she said she would refund my cashed deposit immediately. However, I emailed her again a week later as I had not received the refund. She then emailed me back saying she was "broke" and needed to wait for her husband to be paid. And I had to get an attorney involved to resolve all of this with her. Not only did I have to deal with all of this mess, but now I have to find a new photographer (she was booked with someone else, which I am happy about, because I wouldn't want her involved with my wedding).

So, if you hire Kara, just a word of caution. If it was my friend, I personally would recommend not going anywhere near her! Best wishes everyone!

Re: Review of ME Photography/Kara Knutson

  • Oh no!  That sounds horrible!  She was on my list of photographers to chat with though our wedding is a couple years away.  Check out Megan Neumann photography or Laura Ann photography.  They are around $1500 and have great package prices.  I follow Laura Ann photography on Facebook and she seems super sweet and her pictures are AMAZING.  Hope this helps, good luck!
  • Yikes, that's awful and I'm so sorry that happened to you. There is nothing more stressful than that! Check out this offer for 2014 weddings.
  • We had her booked, and she has literally just disappeared! her website hasnt been updated in a LONG time, the phone number we had for her is no longer connected, and the only phone number she has listed anywhere online is the one we have, she wont answer emails, and Im thinking our deposit is gone now too...and now ere looking for a photographer with less than 2 months until the wedding! I would recommend NEVER EVER using her! shes a scam!
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