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Boring Romance

What "boring romantic" things does your SO do for you?

My husband has gradually taken over all household chores. When I told him that I could still do some, he said " You don't need anymore on your plate. I'll take care of it." A couple of my managers are making life miserable for me, so he tries to help me relax and feel loved whenever he can.

My grandpa has done the dishes every night for my grandmother since they were newlyweds. Neither my mom nor my aunt and uncles were allowed to do the dishes. Even when all us grandkids would visit, we have to do chores but we got yelled at for touching the dishes.

Re: Boring Romance

  • DH is always trying to clean the apartment so I don't have to do it. And lately he's even taken to cooking while I'm neck deep in my thesis. 

    He also will drive me to work on the weekends so I don't have to take the bus (I'd drive myself but his truck is a stick shift and I don't know how and we only have one vehicle at the moment). 

    Lately whoever gets up to brush their teeth first will bring the other one their toothbrush with toothpaste applied to it. 

    He knows I like the drumstick shaped buffalo wings, so he'll always eat the flat ones in our order of wings and leave me the other ones. 
  • H takes our big beast of a dog out before bed so I don't have to do it (and will take him into daycare in the morning for me if I have to go to the gym).

    He usually takes the garbage out more than I do and he does all the driving (we don't own a car, so not much, but he still does the driving when we travel). 

    I really don't have to ask him to do much.  If I am working and say "Shoot, I forgot to load the dryer" he will get up and do it so I don't have to and can finish work.

  • I'm the one who loves on H by doing the boring stuff. Then again I'm weird and actually really like to clean and cook. H takes out the garbage though and puts the leftovers away after dinner.

    Our work schedules work out so that he gets home and we have a few hours before I go to work. So I usually try to do the dishes, laundry, get the rest the house clean, and cook dinner before he gets home. I clean almost every day so there really isn't a lot to do so I get a lot of me time too. Plus he loves coming home to a home cooked meal.

    H does take amazing care of our cars though! He can fix just about everything on them so we've probably saved thousands by not paying a mechanic.
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  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta member
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    BF and I currently don't live together so we don't have too many of those things yet.

    When I'm over at his place I always bring my dog, and he always walks the dog before I leave because he knows I don't like to. And if we're going somewhere near the mall, he always asks me if I'd like to stop by Ulta :)
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  • BF cleans the bathroom. That's love right there.

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  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    BF and I don't live together so the stuff he does to help is limited. 

    He watches the dogs so I can go out with friends every now and again.  When he stays over, he'll stay up later so the dogs don't get me up in the middle of the night.  It's all about the dogs in my house!

  • He cleans up the foster puppy poop without complaint.

    He makes me a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich every morning.

    If I'm in pain, or just too damn tired to get off the couch, he brings me dinner and takes away my dirty dishes.

    He makes me PB&Js on demand.

    He tucks me in at night. I always fall asleep on the couch before he gets home from work, so he'll wake me, take me to the bed and tuck me in.

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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    BF cleans the bathroom 90% of the time because I hate it so much. The other 10% I clean it and he still helps me. He gets stuff off the top shelf for me because I'm vertically challenged. On random mornings he'll get out of bed right away to take the dog out (I usually do it) and then he'll quietly make coffee or tea and sneak it back into the bedroom for me. He usually drives when we go out together. He fixes my computer and my car and all the other things I don't have the technical knowledge to do. At the same time...he's teaching me how to do it while he fixes it.

  • H does all the dishes and he scoops the litter box.  He also takes out the trash and does all the "manly" things around the house.  I give him a hard time about all his tools but I'm secretly glad that he has them and knows how to use them!  He also rubs my hair and lets me put my cold feet on him to warm them up in bed.

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  • FI will clean the litter box which is huge I hate cleaning the litter box.  When he has hockey some nights he will bring me home a special snack or cupcake.  When I was studying he made me dinner a few times.


  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    BF loads & unloads the dishwasher far more often than I do. He also takes the garbage out, and always walks the dog in the morning (because I am NOT a morning person.) I usually walk her after work, but there are times when I work late, and so he gets morning and evening walk duty, and never ever complains. He also will always make sure my favorite shows (that he hates) are DVRed for me. 

    We take turns cooking, we each clean our respective bathrooms, I scoop the litter. 


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  • smalfrie19smalfrie19 Home of SB XLVIII Champs member
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    FI does a lot:

    1. Dishes
    2. Cleans the apt - vaccuuming/laundry the whole nine yards
    3. takes the dog out both  at night and in the morning
    4. cleans the kitchen after I cook/bake
    5. Cleans the litter box
    6. Cooks when I don't want to

    I think he is WAY better to me than I am ...but I try and make up for it


  • FoxandBunnyFoxandBunny Alabama member
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    BF and I don't live together, so it's hard to know how this will eventually evolve.

    BF is very good about when I'm cold. He is always hot and has to have the fan on at all times, and I'm the complete opposite. So when I'm cold (most of the time that I'm with him) he'll suffer with me under three blankets while I snuggle on him until I'm warmed up or indefinitely. He also get up and turns the fan off before I get up so I don't get colder.

    He goes and hunts down the cat when I want to snuggle with it too. And then he has to suffer with the blankets, me, AND the cat all curled up on him.

    BF also lends me his favorite pj pants at his house because it's hard to snuggle in jeans.
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  • @TwoDimes - when we got married, H had to wear those nose strips, but then he lost 20 lbs and the snoring stopped completely.  HALLELUJAH.

    H does the dishes and wipes the kitchen down after I cook and we eat dinner.  I hate dishes.  he goes grocery shopping with me because it's more fun with both of us (and he organizes the cart/grocery bags).  he cleans the toilets so I'll never have to, ever ever ever.  that's love!
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  • Thank god i never experienced such boring things...

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