Wedding Woes

PW: Oface

I started using the "Any Decent Music" app on Spotify. Sometimes I hate the recommendations, sometimes they're so-so, sometimes they're great.

I just listened to one that I'm digging so far and you might like:

I'm a Dreamer, Josephine Foster.  Interesting voice.

Re: PW: Oface

  • I saw that you listened to that and it looked interesting.  I clicked on her just to see.

    I will have a go.

    One I like lately: Polica. 

  • @VarunaTT Now that I'm listening to Josephine Foster, I'd say her voice is perfect for a dinner party.  Great interest but nothing too intrusive.
  • Yeah, it's very Norah Jones, with a bit of an Edith Piaf old time type music twist.  

    I've got Polica queued up.

    Obviously I'm working quite slowly today.  :D
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