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Teaser Pro Pics!

I was a little worried about how I might look in photos, but I LOVE them:

Re: Teaser Pro Pics!

  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire
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    You are gorgeous! I love how happy you look in all of them. Plus that dress is killer with your figure. Congrats!
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  • I LOVE your pics!


    Love the brooch bouquet, love your bm's crazy excitement, love how just plain ECSTATIC you were in your pictures. It looked like a perfect wedding day. I hope mine is just as awesome!

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  • You look beautiful! It looks like you had such an amazing wedding and I love all of the details. I absolutely love s'mores, and the photo of your guests roasting their s'mores over the candles made me giggle.
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  • @silver0319 it was hilarious! They even grabbed a centerpiece from a different table because it had a better flame!
  • I love your pictures! I am so worried about my arms but I realized when looking at your pictures whos gonna look at my arms. I never once looked at a picture and saw arms i saw love happiness and pure joy! Thats what going to stand out in my pictures not my arms. I hope i can keep that in my head. Your such a beautiful bride! COngrats!
  • That was great! you look sooo happy. This makes me that much more excited for my special day!

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  • Is that your mom in the teal dress? She is adorable! and you look spectacular!
  • Okay 1, you look amazing! 2) your hubs is huuuunky! Woooot!

    I love the s'mores!!!!!!!

    Everything looks so good :)
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