Simple photography?

We don't want staged pictures - just simple photos of our wedding day, from start to finish.  We are also trying to avoid spending a ton of money (range is $1,000 - $3,000). 
Can anyone give us some suggestions?


  • you should be able to tell any photographer what you want. every photographer I met ask if I wanted traditional or photojournalism.
  • We are using LuRey Photography for our wedding (

    We looked at several photographers that had those staged, very generic pictures and I was not impressed.  I actually saw Laura's work on Facebook and fell in love!  We recently did our engagement pictures with her, and I could not be happier.  She takes so many beautiful detail shots, as well as candids.. also, she falls in your price range.  She is so nice and quick to respond to everything.. I'm finding her very helpful, and I'm very satisfied with my choice so far.

  • My photographer is so talented and his pricing is in the middle of where you want it to be. Ron is extremely creative and my photos were fantastic.
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    Look at Spark Photography. They're very flexible. We did want some posed pictures so we have them, but they would surely skip them if you don't want them. Here are our pictures:
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