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Pushy Baker in Future Family

I love my fiancee's aunt, she's very sweet but always pushy about her sales. When I first met her in 2011 she was a stylist and ran her own business. Then she stopped doing that to go sell jewelry. She tried to get me to host a party but I politely declined, since most metals I'm allergic to, and most of my female friends have moved out of state so it wouldn't have worked out. This was last year in 2012. Now she's an at home baker. At this past Thanksgiving she was talking about how she can do cupcakes for the wedding shower and sheet cakes for the wedding. I don't believe she is licensed since she hasn't taken a pastry course, she told me later that day and I can tell. I'm not trying to be mean, but her pastry decorating isn't exactly the greatest. It looks very rushed. I'm not sure how to inform her. 

The venue I'm using is very strict with outside catering of any sort to be licensed, but I'm not sure what to say if she is actually licensed. I highly doubt that she is but I'm trying to prepare for that awkward conversation. I really wish she would just stop. My fiancee told me before I met her she was into pyramid schemes. She changes careers too much!

Re: Pushy Baker in Future Family

  • First clue:  is she baking out of her home kitchen?  Here in MI you MUST have a separate kitchen facility in your home if you are running the business out of your home.

    Check with her county health department to see if she is licensed.  If she isn't, they will shut her down.  That is a good thing - NO ONE should be selling baked goods if they aren't licensed, unless we are talking bake sales and flea markets here. You would be doing yourself and anyone else a favor by checking into that.  If she isn't licensed and trained in food sanitation procedures she is barking up the wrong tree.

    Thankfully your venue has the licensing part covered.  Find out for sure if she is licensed and then see if you even have a problem.  If she isn't, you are good to go.  If she is licensed, maybe a little white lie about Aunt Hagatha gifting you your cake for your wedding is in order?

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Tell her gently but firmly: "Aunt, thank you so much for your generous offer, but we've already found the vendors we'll be using.  That includes a different baker." (even if the last part isn't true)
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    Ditto both PPs. If she isn't licensed, that's your excuse and no feelings hurt. If she is, just tell her you have already chosen a baker. If she continues to push, your fiance needs to tell her to leave it alone. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    I'm going to guess that your venue not only wants her to be licensed, but also insured (that keeps them from having to take liability for anything she bakes). If that's the case, and she just started baking and is doing it out of her home then I highly doubt she's spending hundreds of dollars a year on insurance. Some states do allow licensed bakers to work out of their home kitchen so you can't really tell by that unless you know that's not the case in your state. I would tell her you need a baker that is licensed and insured and you have to provide copies of that information to your venue and see what she says.
  • What about telling her that you'll pass her information and offer to help bake for the bridal shower to the person who is organizing it (then it falls on them). And for the wedding cake, what about a polite "I appreciate the offer but I would hate to have you work the day of our wedding with delivering and putting the cake together, we would rather have you relax and enjoy the day"

  • It's what she does for a living. I don't mind her baking for the bridal shower. I think I might tell her that the venue is throwing in the cake with the purchase of the food. Some places do that! My venue is actually giving me a 10% deal since he knows my family, and I brought him business with my high school reunion. Score!

    But yeah, that's true with the insurance liability part. I've actually experienced a lot of pusher bakers since during the reunion one girl, who also wasn't licensed, kept pushing to cook. I had to block her number. 

    Thanks for all the replies. 
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