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I've lost 20 pounds! I don't need any advice. I guess I just wanted to brag a bit. It's been hard, I've struggled. I hope to keep losing as much as safely possible before my June wedding. Any other success stories so far?
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    Congratulations!  That's such a good feeling.  How have you been losing it?  I'm down 10, but I've got another 20-30 to go before I feel comfortable.
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  • Thanks so much! I couldn't help but posting. I've been eating less and healthier. I've also been doing the Ballet Beautiful workouts. I'll admit, I tried it because that's what the VS models did for the fashion show this year. I know I won't look anything like them, but it's pretty low impact and easy, you really feel the burn after though. Congratulations to you too! Keep it up!
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  • me too i am so happy 25 pounds down wow now i kinda wish i would have gotten a sexy wedding dress
  • Congratulations!!!!
  • Congrats! I've dropped 25 and am at my goal weight. Now to keep it off for the next 5 months...
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