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I swear I don't mean to be blowing this board up :)

How many of you are having someone do you make up? I've been researching local make up artist all night and can't get past the price! However I want my make up to look great! Should I have someone like that do it, go to sephora or a make up counter in like Dillard's or just do it myself? I know a number of places that will teach you how to do make up for a fee so maybe that's an option too??? What do you all think?

Re: I swear I don't mean to be blowing this board up :)

  • I've been throwing this idea around too.  I'm always a little hesitant of going to Dillard's to get my make up done.  Sometimes they can really over do it.  Do you normally wear makeup (I don't on a normal basis)?  If you do, maybe going to a place that will teach you how to do make up could teach you a way to "dress" up your everyday makeup?  

    Good luck!  
  • I do a few times a week maybe but I have how the eye make will run a little into the corners of my eyes and my skin is a combination between really dry in some spots and oily in others. Maybe I'll just take a trip to sephora or do a one on one class to see how to do it and what I can do :)
  • I'm considering it. It'd just be one less thing for me to worry about...bc there is no way I'll make it look good on an important day. Going to WalMart for a gallon of milk my daily make up will look fantastic. Wedding day? Surely my nerves will have me looking like a cheap whore hahahaha!

    Our town's yearly Bridal Expo is in January so I'm going to check out the vendor there and see what she charges.
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  • I like the activity you are bringing to the board!

    I am definitely hiring a MUA for the wedding I began my searches but I probably won't do any trial until fter the new year.  I wear make up every day but I want something a little more special than my every day make up.


  • ha thanks @peaseblossom55 :) I want to too, but the $150 price tag is hard to swallow lol. I have a friend that works at a and lancome counter  and they do *free* wedding parties with the hopes you'll buy something they use on you, I agree sometimes they do too much so we'll see. I wish I was good enough with it just to do it myself :)
  • Wow $150 is a lot I've been looking at people in the $100-$120 range it isn't that far off but every penny counts.  I guess I want to feel like a princess the day of and have everything done for me :-) Do you even have a friend who is good at make up help, or just get someone from your bridal party to do your make up?


  • all but one was right around $150 a few were $120. And unfortunately no lol other than one none of them usually wear make up unless they *need* to like girls night out, a wedding or date night. I like my makeup when I do it but like you said I want something a little better that day and to last all day

  • I have used sephora for many events/parties we have gone to and they've done a terrific job.  I've been in there before when they have had brides in teaching them how to do make-up.  They would do half the face and have the bride copy the other half.  The bride also had a friend along who could help her the day of. 

     Maybe ask if any of the girls there know anyone who would be available to come to you and do your make-up the day of?  I've definitely seen this done before (of course if you are comfortable enough with asking the staff)

  • We were going to use sephora for the day of a friends wedding but they were only charging $50. There will be 9-11 of us getting ready together I don't know how many of them want their hair and make up done that's why I thought it would be easier to have someone come to us or just do it myself lol I think I'll start by taking a few trips to sephora and seeing what they can teach me. If I paid for a class they're just about the same price to have it done the day of so that would be a waste of money
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