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Do you have to hire a DJ?

I have decided that because the is a bit of a gap (about 1-2 hours) in the reception that dancing is fine. However this was not in the original budget so that's a bit of an issue...

Anyways I have discussed this with different people (friends, coworkers) and they mentioned now a days with technology being so advanced that I do NOT need a DJ. Instead I can just hook an iPod with a dance song list to the sound system at the reception. I have a MC so I guess he could encourage people to dance if need be.

What do you think of this idea?

Re: Do you have to hire a DJ?

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    You don't need a DJ, but all the weddings I've been to that didn't have a DJ were not nearly as fun as the weddings with a DJ. The music was all the taste of the bride and groom, vs what everyone wanted to dance to. The IPod was unable to read the crowd and change the music to get people dancing. The IPod was also unable to keep time to make sure everything happened when it was supposed to happen (a popular job of the DJ.) So you don't have to have one, but I think their benefits expand well beyond just playing music.
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    If you want to save the money, I say go for it.  I don't want a DJ for the exact same reason, why pay for him/her to play music when I can just do it with a playlist on iTunes or something?  But, the downside is that people won't be able to request songs; however, I have seen RSVP cards with a song request line.  When planning what music to put on the playlist or whatever, I recommend thinking about your crowd and the music that they would want to hear and dance to instead of just playing you and your FI's favourites.  
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