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It's only 1:40 am where I am and I already have a case of the Mondays.  I'm supposed to start getting ready for work in little more than an hour to be clocked in by 5 am.  Thank goodness I'm off at 9:45 am so I'll be able to get back home and go to sleep.  I also am grateful for my BF providing me with a couple dollars to get my caffeine fix.  I also noticed that somehow we lost the legs to the Christmas tree and now I can't set it up.  I guess I'll have to MacGyver something.  

On the upside, I get to watch the mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time today.  I'm excited and I wish it was up on ABC's website now.  

How is your Monday going so far?
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Re: Mondays

  • Morning. 

    I'm still mildly hungover from the Dolphins/Jets game yesterday and am cursing myself for not taking off work today. I drank A LOT and over a long period of time and my body is not happy with me.

    I'm looking forward to going home and watching Walking Dead and Homeland tonight! I saw that something big happened Walking Dead on FB but luckily my FB friends didn't spoil it for me. 

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    I am recovering from last night's episode of The Walking Dead (I lead SUCH a full life, lol). @swazzle, the whole thing is just YIKES.

    Today begins my two straight weeks of exams, starting with my mother-baby test in about an hour. Not terribly exciting, but it does mean the end is in sight!
  • This is the first Monday in a long time that I'm glad it's a Monday.

    I got to sleep in until 6am today since my parents like to wake up between 4-5 am. Once they wake up, the whole house is up. They left yesterday morning. I was happy.

    Today I'm back in my dungeon-office working, then I'll probably catch up on Homeland. When I get home I have to finish laundry, cook dinner and then go to the gym to burn all the shit I ate this weekend.

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  • I was at work almost an hour ready.  I am eating a luscious breakfast and celebrating the fact that we survived another holiday with my ILs.  I get to to a bunch of cleaning tonight to turn the disaster area in my house back into our home.

    I left for work before my ILs woke up, so I missed any end-of-the-trip drama.  instead, I am munching on eggs and bacon and blueberries at work.  THIS IS THE LIFE.
  • It was weird waking up without H this morning...that's weird to call him H. AGH! Anyways....He leaves for work at 6:30 so when I woke up I was sad : (.

    I've been sick for the past 3 days and it's starting to clear up but it's so gross. I hate being sick, I think it's body being like, "what the hell did you do to me these past couple of weeks."

    Today I have crazy amounts of things to get done. I need to go get my dress cleaned and preserved, finish putting away things, order our pictures for our CD from the photographer (he apparently thinks we don't want all of them..strange), grocery shopping, cross fit, get out christmas decorations, etc...

    It feels good to be home.
  • @swazzle I'm still traumatized from The Walking Dead last night... it was good though, also sad I cried.

    The weekend was good. I didn't get to see Catching Fire as I hoped I was a bit lazy on Friday. Saturday night we have people over for games and drinking which of course included cards against humanity.  Sunday was a lounging around football day, and cleaning and laundry day. 

    It's not too bad to be at work today though.  I just feel a bit tired from sleeping in all weekend.  Also on thanksgiving I hosted it was soooooooooo much fun.  I loved hosting.  We also did dessert with FI's family at night. We asked our ring bearer to be in the wedding ( checked with his parents first) and he answer was, well we'll have to see ( he is 4)I need to check with my mom and dad and I need to see if I am doing anything else that day.  It was hysterical.  He is excited though. 


  • I woke up at 5:30 to come to work. Thankfully I'm off at 10 so I have time for a nap before my class at 1. Like @Amapola14, I have 2 weeks of exams. (Three and a paper this week, three finals next week) But I am happy it's almost break.

    Tonight I have the last meeting of the semester for our pre-physical therapy association, which I am on the executive board for. Then I'll go home and probably catch up on Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood till FI gets home.
  • I wasn't so upset that it was Monday until I got out on the roads this morning. I spent about 15 minutes trying to go a quarter of a mile without any opportunities to reroute myself. It didn't help that it was the road that takes me directly to my office either. So yep...I self soothed with coffee, a bagel, a biscotti, and a banana and now I feel better.

    After work I plan to go home and finish laundry, mop and sweep our kitchen floor because it's gross, and finish putting up Christmas decorations (with the exception of our tree...we're going to go buy it this weekend). I also plan on scoping out some Cyber Monday sales so I can order a digital camera for my mom. I lost her's during @southernpeach89 's bachelorette in Savannah so I'm replacing it for her as her Christmas gift.

  • Morning.

    It has been snowing up here. I think we've gotten about 1" so far, forecast 3-5" today, another 1" tonight, 3-5" tomorrow, 2-4" tomorrow night, and lovely northerlies to go along with it. I'm just waiting for the upgrade to the warning and wondering whether it will be winter storm or blizzard ... it's setting up like a classic blizzard up here. Ick.

    And I'm not especially happy it's Monday. After work I'm delivering the blue variant scarf and picking up some double-pointed needles to start a pair of mittens. Good blizzard knitting, eh?
  • I'm sad Thanksgiving weekend is over. I had an awesome time upstate with BF's family. His little niece and nephew are cuter every time I see them, and their dog got along perfectly with my dog. Those two were wrestling and chasing each other for four days straight! I also FINALLY got to meet BF's high school friends. Though he keeps in touch with many of them, this is the first time he's gotten together with them since we've been together, so that was fun.

    On the agenda for today: Working on new designs for my Etsy shop, trying to find a cyber-Monday deal for a certain Xmas gift for BF, applying to jobs, and staring at my phone willing the HR person from the last job I interviewed for to call and offer it to me.

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  • @TwoDimes I really really really want to go see Frozen! I don't think I've been to see a single other movie this year so I'm determined to at least see ONE movie in theaters before the end of the year. Everything I've heard about Frozen sounds so great!

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    Totally did not want to leave my warm bed this morning. Had a super long weekend with FI and I won't see him until Friday again because of work. So spoiled. On the plus side, we think we found my ring! He still wants to surprise me when he buys it so I'm not completely 100% sure it's going to be the one we found, but still.

    @buddysmom80, do you know A.J. Klein's in Shelton? That's where FI is probably going for it.

    It's this, but with an oval stone. Aquamarine with diamonds, white gold. Probably will do a wedding band with the same kind of diamonds on it and match the curve so it's fairly flush to my e-ring.


    Edit: We also went to the Pez Factory in Orange which was AMAZING, survived Thanksgiving with his family which was actually quite fun, and our parents met and liked each other!

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  • I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with BFs family. It was relaxing for the most part (although we did have the funeral on Saturday, which was obviously sad) and it was nice to just have the six of us around, instead of having to deal with all the big extended family. We all went & picked out a Christmas tree on Friday, which was fun, played a rousing boys vs. girls game of Pictionary (the boys won, but we swear they cheated), and BFs SIL asked him straight out when he was going to propose (which he giggled nervously at, and responded with "we'll see.") 

    We drove back on Saturday evening, and relaxed all day yesterday, which was nice. We went to the Humane Society yesterday afternoon to look at another dog, but Violet was being really weird and antisocial, so they thought the dog we liked would be too much for her. Violet is SUPER friendly, and LOVES other dogs - she plays rough with all of our friend's dogs (which include pits, pit mixes, and other big dogs) - this sweet girl was an 8-year-old, tiny little pittie, and Violet played with her for a few minutes, and then just wanted to hide behind us. I'm not sure if it was the environment or what, but I was sad - mostly because I hate when there are older dogs in the shelter. Also because this was the only one we've found that likes other dogs AND cats (which is important because of crazy Brady) so I was disappointed that Violet was being weird. But, she's our top priority, so we'll just stay with her & her brother for now. 


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  • Morning ladies.  Like @swazzle I'm slightly hung over from last night (H and I ordered Thai last night but it came really late after we had been drinking).  Ugh.  H is leaving for India in a few days and I'm going to miss him terribly (I won't join him for about two weeks).  In the interim, back to work...going to be a long day.
  • @BriSox81 Poor Violet. :( I'm sorry it didn't work out! Just for a took Bella a good 3 or 4 months to really warm up to Cheyanne when we adopted her last year...and then another several months for them to become best of friends. Bella has always been super friendly with other dogs (like plays rough with anyone) but I think the prospect of another dog in her face all the time after being a single dog for so long was a bit overwhelming for her at first.

  • @kait I think it's near where BF works, but I he didn't use them. He ended up using a jeweler that our family has known through the years and carried a few specific settings I wanted to look at.

    Also, I forgot to add my FAVORITE part of the weekend was seeing @brisox81 and her BF, it broke up the family time. I was so so so glad to get out of the house.

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  • @Imhollister and @TwoDimes, Frozen was fantastic! I cried, I'll admit.

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  • @lmhollister that makes me feel a little better. It was just so strange to see happy, playful, outgoing Violet be so antisocial. Maybe we'll take her back & try again, I don't know. 

    This was the pretty little girl we met. Her name is Penny:



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  • @BriSox81 - Penny is GORGEOUS!!  it wouldn't hurt anything to try again, right? 
  • @BriSox81 She's so beautiful!!! It wouldn't hurt to try again for sure. :) I hate seeing older dogs in shelters too because everyone always overlooks them in favor of the puppies. :( She looks like a real sweetheart!

  • @phira THAT DRESS! Gorgeous!

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  • @phira, you look amazing!!! Love the blue.

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  • @phira - that is a beautiful dress!
  • @Amapola14 and @Peaseblossom55 - Ahh! I'm so nervous. I'll watch it before Homeland as soon as I get home from work tonight. 

    @KeptInStitches - Remind me of where you live? A blizzard sounds miserable. It's just cold here. We had a fake snow a couple weeks ago (there were flurries but it didn't stick on anything). I hate winter. 

    @BriSox81 - Maybe Vi was just having an off day. I can't imagine her being shy! I vote you try again in a couple days. 

  • @swazzle, I live in the Northern Plains.
  • @swazzle, I can't even talk about the Walking dead right now.....

    Thanksgiving was fun- spent it with the grand units all day, then went over to BFs house when he got back

    Friday I worked 8-3- then Bf and I had the house to ourselves for a while for sexy times, catching up on season 3 of walking dead. Then we went out for some drinks

    Saturday Bfs son had a wrestling meet, so I went to video tape while BF was across the street keeping me updated on the Ohio state vs. Michigan game. Then we met up with our boss for food, drinks and the Alabama vs Auburn game. Holy crap what a game!!!!

    Sunday was lazy, laundry and some mild pick up around the house. I waited for the direct tv guy while BF played golf. Then we watched walking dead.

    I'm so not ready for today and the crap..... It's been a quiet Monday but I still don't like em. I'm hoping to get some moving shit done this week- at least figure out what stuff of mine BF and I want to keep and what can be gotten rid of.

    Uuuuugh can this year just be over with already!??
  • Morning ladies! I think I need another day off to recoup from vacation last week.  I picked up a cold and feel pretty crappy. It's hard finding motivation right now.  Apparently these reports won't write themselves today.  How rude!

    I made it through all the thanksgivings and survived all questions concerning my empty ute. Wine dramatically helps with this.  MIL invited over one of H's friends and their brand new twins.  She grabbed one as he came in the door, and thrust the second at me, declaring she needed babies. The babies went home with their mom and dad, but every couple hours I was reminded that I need to procreate soon.  Oh well.

    Besides my trip to the ER for a migraine that decided to kick my ass and not respond to meds, the rest of the weekend consisted of food, wine, family time, and card games.  I'd say it was a pretty good time.

    And Monday really could suck it about now.  Can we fast forward to Friday please?
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