Unique Venue Help!

My fiancé and I had reserved our date, September 20th, 2014, at a new venue that would be opening soon to the public in Delafield, WI.  They've just informed us that they will no longer be holding weddings due to some unforeseeable block by the DOT.  We aren't sure when they'll be able to fix this issue, so we're back to the drawing boards and it's really scary considering many places are booked!

Does anyone have any ideas for a unique venue near central (Madison) or southeastern (Waukesha area) Wisconsin?  The place we had reserved was a barn and bed and breakfast, and the part I loved most about it was that the nature surrounding the venue was amazing. I don't like the look of hotels or plain banquet halls. I feel like it might be too late to be that picky, though :/

We appreciate any and all of your suggestions!

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