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October 2014 Weddings

We both have two left feet!!

Hi I need some help! My Fiancee and I dont dance at all!!! I know lessons are an option bbut the problem is we dont like to dance at all. my family on the other hand loves dancing... how can we pull this off?

Re: We both have two left feet!!

  • Is it that you don't want to have any music or dancing at all, or that you don't want to do the traditional dances? 

    If you are scared of doing the traditional dances, one option is to make your dance a wedding party dance, so you're not the only couples on the floor; do a simple waltz, or something similar.  Another would be to dance solo and then after 1 min or so have the MC invite other married couples up to join you.  Or you can combine both of those options, so you're never alone.  

    Then, instead of dancing the rest of the night, you can take this time to go around and talk to all the guests.

    I would ask your parents and his if they want to do father-daughter mother-son dances though, they might be offended if you don't want to do those dances.

    If you don't want music or dancing at all, pick a venue without a dance floor or hold and afternoon or mid-day wedding, where dancing isn't really expected.  It is your wedding, so if you don't have do anything you don't want to, especially if you're paying for it all yourselves.  However, if your family is pitching in on paying for the wedding, you may have to accommodate them if they want to pay for a night wedding with dancing and music.  
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