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Officiant payment/offering???

Hello fellow knotties!

Our officiant is a work acquaintance (I work at a church-affiliated school; he pastors for the church) and his wife is a coworker of mine. We are over the moon that he will be conducting our ceremony, but he doesn't charge any fee.

The church simply encourages us to give him an offer of thanks. We have to ask, what is the average cost for an ordained officiant, and what should we give?? We are totally clueless! Any and all ideas are appreciated. (=

Re: Officiant payment/offering???

  • Our pastor is the same way he didnt charge any fee bc we are really close to the him and his family .. but we gave him $150

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • Thanks for the advice!!! I was thinking along those lines but wasn't sure if that was a good figure. I appreciate the tip! (=
  • My cousins husband is marrying us and not charging us either, I was thinking of giving them like a 100 dollars Just as a thank you.
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