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Roses and topiaries?

Hello Ladies!

Has anyone every used topiaries along with rose centerpieces for reception? I am going for an elegant garden type theme for reception. Really wanting to use a few topiaries (probably made of English ivy) to place here and there to fill in some empty space. Has anyone had experience with this and is it cheaper to make it yourself of just purchase them? Thanks!

Re: Roses and topiaries?

  • I didn't use anything like this for my wedding, but I don't think these would be best as centerpieces because they create a visual barrier to the other side of the table (prohibiting conversation). If you use these, they'd look great flanking the alter, framing the doorway, even using then on your auxiliary tables would look really nice. 

    Look into using tower arrangements with roses and lots of greenery to get the look you want. You can send inspiration photos to a florist to get quotes. Example:

  • I have the tall Eiffel tower vases for the centerpieces, was thinking of using topiaries not on the tables but just here and there on the ground, maybe where there appears to be "dead space".
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