Judge Morris Estate (Delaware State Parks)

Hi ladies! I have been looking into venues in New Castle County and would really love to have an outdoor wedding & reception. We take our dogs to walk the WCC  trails surrounding the Judge Morris Estate and have grown to love the location. However, I haven't been successful in finding many photos of weddings & receptions at this venue online (event through the parks Facebook page). Has anyone had their own or been to a wedding/reception at this venue? If so, would you be willing to share photos?
Also, if this was your venue, did you utilize a planner/coordinator for the day-of? If so, do you recommend the planner your hired?

Many thanks in advance for your input! It is greatly appreciated!

Re: Judge Morris Estate (Delaware State Parks)

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    Hi friends! Since there were some views on my original post but no comments, I thought I would follow up! We ended up booking the JME for both our ceremony and reception! The max guest count is 125 and any party here over 35 requires you to get a tent. The State Parks has approved vendors that you can choose from as far as catering and rental companies. So far, Kathy (and the Parks office) have been wonderful to work with and very accommodating. There haven't been tons of weddings here and I am guessing that it may be because you have to build the entire site from the ground up on your own (which equates to time and dollars) but I am super excited at the challenge!

    Here is some basic information about the JME- 

    Facilities Guide:
     -  a couple notes: There is a bridal suite that you can use to get ready on the day-of. Larger events require you to rent portable restrooms. All tents/tables/chairs must be rented by a certified/approved vendor. A facility monitor will be at the JME from start to finish but no coordinator that I am aware of (the catering company we chose has indicated they they will be coordinating the day-of so check with your caterer to see if this is a service they offer!).
    Approved vendors:

    Happy planning ladies!

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