stay away from eagle formal wear in chester springs

stay away from eagal formal wear. i found them online when i was looking for my pa maids to try on dresses i live in ct i picked out a dress and told them that they could go to eagal and get measured as my salon would need the measurements. 

well the salon is giving them a hard time they are saying we dont do measurments if we did you have to buy the dress from us and order if from us you cannot take a measurement and send it to another bridal salon it does not work that way.

a cousin of mine who lives out of state was in a wedding and had to have her measurments sent into them they went and ordered her a dress 4 sizes to big!! i cant understand why a place would not measure you even for a small fee 

Re: stay away from eagle formal wear in chester springs

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    my cousin is the one who spoke to them. she even asked can i pay to have you measure me and the lady said no. 

    one of the out of state maids called up my salon in ct and was guided on how to measure herself over the phone with the measuring tape so she suggested that to the others.

    i didnt expect them to measure the girls for free but i did not expect them to not even want to charge them and refuse
    i know they want a profit and thats fine i was going to have my pa maids get there alterations done there ( my salon would mail the dresses to the maids)  but i will have my pa maids go elsewhere for alterations

    the reason they needed to be ordered from my salon is beacuse we want the dye lot to be the same so the dresses all come in the exact same shade from that lot. 

    i could call them but what good would it do to complain. my maids were going to use them for alterations and the one who called them even said we are going to bring the dresses to you for alterations  but the person on the phone did not want to her it 
  • so it was taken care of all my maids found a place to get measured without any hassle i will though be looking for a seamstress to alter the dresses once they come in
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