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Buying Our Own Alcohol for Reception - Legalities & Liabilities

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I am getting married in Maryland next Fall and we have to purchase our own alcohol for the reception. The caterers can serve it, they are just not allowed to purchase it. I am curious if anyone knows what the legalities or liabilities are when we purchase the alcohol but someone else serves it. I asked my Maryland based caterer about it and their response was:

"We will control consumption with a last call an hour prior to your events end and if anyone is intoxicated to the point that they can’t drive and doesn’t have a designated driver either we or the day of person from the venue can call a taxi for them."

I am just wondering if this cover us legally or liability-wise. I am considering getting a shuttle to take people to and from the hotel and venue, but that would only help those staying at the hotel. I will also have a number of people local to the area that will be driving themselves. So I am unsure whether to get a shuttle or not.

I am not asking for legal advice. I just want to see if other brides have thought or dealt with this issue. Any feedback is appreciated.



Re: Buying Our Own Alcohol for Reception - Legalities & Liabilities

  • This is not legal advice, but I'll share my experience. Our caterer was licensed and provided the alcohol. Our venue required us to have liability insurance. We purchased it through our insurance carrier who holds our auto, home, other policies and just added it. I want to say it was like $10 for $1,000,000 in coverage (e.g. it cost basically nothing). We also provided a shuttle to and from our venue/blocked hotels. I made little bathroom baskets and included business cards for a local cab company. 

    I think as long as you make a good faith effort to cover your ass, it's really all you can do. 

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