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Central Park Boathouse vs. Studio Square

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So after visiting numerous venues my Fiance and I have narrowed it to 2. The Central Park Boathouse and Studio Square in LIC/Astoria. The first venue we saw was Studio Square and we loved it. It was our [especially my] top contender throughout. No other venue came as close in our opinion, and after each visit it came back to Studio Square. The last venue that we have visited [thus far] is the Central Park Boathouse and we both loved it, too. I was surprised at how much I loved it because Studio Square had what I thought was everything I wanted for my wedding day. I am looking for something that is very New York, modern/chic. But the Central Park Boathouse was gorgeous, and the location can't be beat. In my opinion it is more classic New York, rustic/chic, yet I loved it. So my question is have any of you brides  been married at either of these venues? Or - brides to be -  have you visited any [or both] of these venues? I'd just like some opinions as to what you guys think might be the better venue. Also any information about any of these 2 venues would be greatly appreciated. In terms of budget - Studio Square is at the higher end of our budget, CPB is slightly below that. So the price difference is not so significant to play much of a factor. Thanks!!


Re: Central Park Boathouse vs. Studio Square

  • So, I was a Boathouse Bride in September.  I can't say enough good things about it.  You'll be treated to amazing pictures in Central Park and the venue just sparkled.  The food was EXCELLENT.  We splurged and did the raw bar and they turned it out - complete with chilled lobster tails, oysters, and shellfish for ages.  They were super accommodating  - when we added somee stations to the cocktail hour, they totally worked with us - doing 3 stations for the price of 2.  

    The table side wine service  was top notch as well.  It was a really, really classy affair and people still tell me it was the best wedding they've ever been to.  You can have a great party without being too circus-y.  The venue just spoke for itself.

    Overall, they know how to throw a party.  Your guests will be greeted by tuxedoed wait staff offering champagne and bottled water to enjoy.  The staff is attentive and made sure the glasses were always brimming with liquor.  They even imported my husband's favorite German beer for the occasion at no cost.

    You really get what you pay for there.   
  • Well thanks so much for you input @eppie920! I think that we are going to go with the Boathouse, and it seems like you had an amazing wedding there. Okay, I am excited! And congrats on your wedding :)


  • @eppie920 - What prices did they quote you and did you do a Saturday or Sunday wedding? Thanks and congrats!
  • annienaz - We are about to sign with them. We are doing a friday wedding for $175pp. I believe the price would be the same for Sunday, but Sunday *may* be more negotiable. Saturday was a lot, it would come out to like a $60K wedding, the price goes up astronomically on that day. These are 2015 prices.


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