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January 2014 Weddings

1 Month!

Can you believe it is only one month until the wedding (well atleast for 1/4 brides)?? What does everyone have left to do? 
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Re: 1 Month!

  • Let's see . . . music, "coffee" house, alterations, decor, and probably more.  I'm working on sewing two banners today for my FI who was going to do them all by hand.  Sewing machines are significantly faster, though I did stap a sewing needle off the machine.
    What about you?
  • Picked up the wedding bands today. Final dress fitting was Monday. Waiting on my passport and we need to get our marriage certificate in a couple weeks along with meeting with the vendors for final payments.

    I'm soooo excited that the wedding is just around the corner!


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  • Need to buy some more small decorations. Finalize things with the baker who doesnt want to talk until 2 weeks out. Meeting with the DJ was last night. Alterations next week. Need to get our marriage liscence.
  • Does anyone else not have the wedding bands yet? We don't...
    We will be fine, we have a hook up, but still, we are really behind. 
    GAH! so much to do!!

    Where do you get a marriage license? I am clueless!
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  • We have ordered FI's band, we are just finishing off oaying it off. So it is waiting for us at the store! Thank goodness my ring was FI's mom's so the band came with the engagemenr ring.

    For me I have left to finish painting my table numbers, and purchase a couple of last minute items. Not too much stress over here. My mom is in charge of decor so she is worrying about flowers and such and putting all that together. Im not allowed to see what she is creating.
  • @snoopycac I hope my FI doesn't see your post . . . I talked him out of painting table numbers.  He has a tendency to take on too much, so I asked him to not go through painting the table numbers.  So ssshhhh . . . I'm sure yours will look great!

    I just booked my honeymoon today!  One more thing down.
  • You ladies seem to be in good shape! YAY! 
    I think in the next two weeks, we will be more organized. I need the weekend to be here already!eek. 
    Wedding Countdown Ticker "Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde
  • IrishRose, I'm pretty sure you apply for your marriage license at your County Building Clerk's Office.


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  • I feel like I'm forgetting things.  We don't have our bands. They are on lawaway at Jared. Planning on picking them up literally the day before the wedding. Trying to talk him into checking out another place this weekend though hoping to find something cheaper. We would get our money back from Jared if we decided to do that.
  • music, putting together center pieces, I'm waiting for the marriage license to come.
  • I need to get a lot of little things done. Putting together my favors, buying bubbles for the guests to blow while we leave, apply for marriage license, turn in final head counts to vendors, write thank you notes from showers, send out rehearsal dinner invites (via email), finish writing vows, get cake topper, finish seating chart (assigned tables, not seats), print programs, print escort cards, ect.

    Also, is everyone sending out wedding announcements? I just didn't see the point in them, but I guess I need to do it if that is what is expected. Do you send them out to the people that came to the wedding? Or just people that could not make it?
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  • I am not doing wedding announcements.  One less thing to worry about.  The grapevine will do that job for me, as I see it.
    I am also doing assigned tables, not seats.  I am not doing the seating chart until the end of December though - my RSVP date is Dec. 21, and I still haven't gotten all of our responses yet.  My caterer and the venue doesn't need a head count until the week before, so that's a little less stress.  How are you letting people know where to sit?  Escort cards?  Or something else?  We are planning to do a poster.  I was originally thinking of doing marker on a mirror, because I like how that looks, but nixed it because FI had different ideas. 
  • Same here, no wedding announcement. It seems like a waste to me. I'm also doing assigned tables, not seats, but I won't be looking at that till Jan. My RSVP date is the 29th. 

    FI and I have made about 2000 paper cranes to put everywhere in the reception and we are going to be using those as well as escort cards, or whatever they are called. One wing will have the person's name, the other wing will have the table number. I'm going to be hanging them near the entrance. 

  • Thanks!
    Wedding Countdown Ticker "Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde
  • I am doing escort cards sitting on a table at the entrance of the venue with everyone's name and table number. I am also going to do like a picture frame seating chart list at the bar, just in case someone losses their card. It will be like this, but no pink and just table numbers (not "unique" table names)

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