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XP: NWR: Fog drivers (vent)

It is pretty foggy by me. I'm talking maybe 1 block of visibility if that. I was getting slightly annoyed by:
- the drivers out there who didn't have their headlights on. Um don't you know that having your lights on helps others to see you?
- people who don't seem to realize that this much fog makes driving more dangerous than usual. GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!!! I promise that person you're texting can wait. If they can't or its an important conversation then please please pull over in to a parking lot or the side of the road.
- to the idiot jamming to his music ( which was so loud I could hear it) who I am assuming didn't see me because it looked like he was imitating someone having a seizure or something.... screw you. I really did not appreciate you pulling out of the McDonalds drive way right infront of me causing me to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting you. Here's a tip: turn down the music and look where you're going.


Re: XP: NWR: Fog drivers (vent)

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