Make up - Andrea Marano or Simply Gorgeous by Erin Infantino

Hey girls,

So i've come down to two makeup places that i am interested in hiring for our wedding. However, i am struggling to choose between the two in setting up a trial. They both look great! Can anyone give me guidance as to how to choose or any opinions on either of these makeup places so i can choose who to have a trial with as i can only afford a trial with one.

Thank you

Re: Make up - Andrea Marano or Simply Gorgeous by Erin Infantino

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    I can't speak for the other one, but I had a fantastic experience with SG by Erin Infantino. I found her and her work to be impressive. I had numberous compliments on my make up throughout the day.  She really listened to what I wanted.  I'm very glad I did a trial with her, because we were able to nail down the look I was going for. 

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    I've emailed Erin and decided to book with her. My situation is a little different as i only have 2 months to get married once i arrive in the US. I'll be on a fiance visa (I live in Australia) so i had to kind of take a leap of faith and book someone. I'm confident from the talks i have had with Erin thought that she'll do a great job! I'll still go for a trial :)
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    I used The Beauty Bar but she spoke very well about Erin and when one make up artist speaks highly of another one, I take that as a good sign. 
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