I was so pleased initially with Catering by Christine.  My fiancé and I read prior reviews on the message board about the company and decided to contact them for a quote.  Their prices blew Coastal Gourmet and Gourmet Galley out of the water!  We did a tasting with the owner, Pete, and the food was incredible!  He spent so much time discussing options with us and planning for the big day. 
We sent a contract back and forth via email a few times with Pete, ironing out the details.  We finally agreed on the a price and most of the details (we were going to do a final tasting for the hors d'ouevres).  My fiancé and I printed the contract, signed two copies, and mailed them to Pete and Crissy with our first deposit of $2500.
We emailed Pete and Crissy to let them know the contracts were on their way in the mail with the deposit, and we requested their signature on a copy and to please send it back to us. This was at the end of July.

The check was deposited a week later, but we never received the signed contract.  We contacted Pete a few times by email and phone.  He eventually wrote back saying that they were sending the signed contract and apologizing for the delay (summer is a busy time for them). 
Another month passed and we still hadn't received it.  Meanwhile, my father was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and we decided to move the wedding from CT to upstate NY.  We decided to request our deposit back from Catering by Christine in September and canceled the order for their services for our wedding in June (this was 9 months advance notice)  We called and spoke to Pete and he said that was fine.  We sent our address and the amount of the check by email.  Crissy wrote back, expressing sympathies about my dad, and stating they would refund us the deposit.  (There was a clause in the contract that stated we could cancel with a refund of the deposit up until the final tasting, which we had not yet done.)

Long story short, after many emails and phone calls and promises of mailing the check, we still have not received it!!!  We have been waiting almost 3 months!  We are extremely disappointed with the professionalism of Catering by Christine and DO NOT RECOMMEND that you book them for your event.


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    I'm going to throw this out there- while i've heard mostly glowing reviews about Catering by Christine, I never even heard back from them when I tried to email them multiple times to get more information. I live right around the corner from their place in Branford, so I was really hoping to use them for our wedding. I got engaged in June and emailed them once in July and once in August (specifically mentioning that I never heard from them the first time I tried contacting them). Not even a "hi! We're so glad you're interested, we're very busy since it's the height of wedding season, but let's set up a time to chat" email.
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    My best friend had so many issues with them.  While they came through on the big day, but the amount of stress they caused before hand was unreal. 
    counting down to the big day
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    Yes, I'm not surprised to hear about these other experiences you or your friends have had with Catering by Christine.  At first we were so happy with them, but after this nonsense of not returning emails, phone calls, and their false promises, I would never use them for an event!   I wouldn't feel confident that I could rely on them.
    And I'm very upset that they haven't returned our $2500 deposit.
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    Threaten to take them to NBC troubleshooters, they covered a photographer who didn't take care of their clients.  Might work and you may not even need to go that route. 
    counting down to the big day
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    oooh good idea!
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