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"Applying" for a Marriage License

This is a completely non serious thread, just a thought of mine that gave myself a laugh.

So you have to "apply" for a marriage license. Does that mean you can get turned down? Say you turn in all your paperwork and do your blood tests and whatever, but the county person (or whoever approves those things) is like, "wait I know that person! They are way too stupid to get married ... DENIED!"

Re: "Applying" for a Marriage License

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    most states have certain rules about marriage license. I live in Pennsylvania and the law says if you are first cousin s, under the influence or not in the right state of mind then we would be denied a marriage. I didn'thhave to take a blood test
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    I know, this scenario just popped into my head and I found it amusing. 
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    There are blood tests involved?  That's a little crazy.  I did not have to do that.
    It is pretty funny - I wonder how many other circumstances would see it denied?  If prisoners can get married in prison, it would have to be something pretty extreme.  Like the 1st cousin thing.

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    in Pennsylvania there used to be blood test but not anymore. my opinion they need to bring it back cause there are so many kids now have siblings with different last names. who knows if they have another siblings walking around that they don't know about
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    That is too funny.  If there was a possibility of being denied I think we would have been.  The FH fell asleep on the way to the Clerk of Court. After we filled out the application turned it in paid the fee, were being asked to raise our right hand he went total drama king. He actually said "Wait, I thought we were just here to ask questions.  I woke up and she had me here.  I don't know what's going on."  The lady just laughed at him as I am standing there just shaking my head.  He is such a ham.
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    Lol - good thing he didn't do something like that at an airport.  Maybe the Clerk of Court offices are a bit more mellow than airport security. 

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    We applied for our license today - they asked if we were related in any way. We laughed and said no, but then learned that it is legal to marry your cousin in NJ! WHATTTT? That seems pretty antiquated if you ask me lol.
    Anyway, I thought that was one way to be denied, but apparently that is totally fine here. 
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