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Wedding Party

Did you have the WP over/small party at your house the night before wedding

I've been a bridesmaid in 2 weddings this year and both of them had the rehearsal at the venue, then to the bride/groom's house for rehearsal dinner (pizza party). They were both so much fun because after we ate, many more friends were invited to just come over and party and celebrate. I thought it was a blast and am considering doing something like this BUT my venue has weddings on Friday nights so they make all rehearsals on Thursday nights. Would I have the party the night of the rehearsal or on Friday night?

If you think a party is stupid and should just stick to rehearsal dinner- what did you do the night before your wedding? Anything or just sit at home? We don't care about the whole not see other on the wedding day- we will be waking up together at the house and doing first look photos.

Re: Did you have the WP over/small party at your house the night before wedding

  • Honestly, I think the rehersal dinner should immediately follow the rehearsal.  So that would mean hosting what ever kind of dinner you want that Thursday.  I actaully really like the idea of doing the pizza party with friends, and as long as you keep it to the people invited to the wedding it sounds like a real blast!! In fact having it on a Thrusday with the wedding Saturday would be a great advantage to avoid hangovers if you guys party too hard!

    As far as what to Friday, just relax, maybe plan a spa day with your friends todo your nails, massages etc.  Or you can make it into a nice date with your FI, or anything really.  Just enjoy that time!

  • You don't need to have your rehearsal at the venue either. If you want the rehearsal on Friday followed by dinner/part, have it somewhere else like a park or someone's house. We are having our rehearsal at the hotel where we are staying at and where the rehearsal dinner is being held. It also saves everyone an extra 30 minute drive and that way we aren't rushing through the rehearsal trying to get back in time. 
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    Our rehearsal dinner wasn't over until nearly 10 p.m. and then we had to go back to our apartment, gather up everything we needed for the wedding and take it to the hotel we were staying at since it was closer to the venue than our apartment. It was well after midnight by the time we were finished for the night with everything, and I had to get up at 5, so no....not parties after the rehearsal for us.

     You are going to be so busy the week of the wedding, you probably don't want to be trying to have any get-togethers the night before, I regret getting together earlier that day for LUNCH, even. It seriously only put me more behind and is the reason we still had to get everything from our apartment after the dinner so late. 

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  • My parents had a low-key family gathering at my grandmother's house, and his parents did the same thing at their house. He went to his and I went to mine and then we met up at the hotel near our venue. His friends were in the bar, so we had a drink with them and went to bed early. It allowed us to see folks who had traveled, but it was very low-key, and we didn't need to do anything for any of it.

    We didn't have a rehearsal or a rehearsal dinner.
  • I think the idea of a small party before the wedding is great! Especially if you have out of town guests! Either day would be fine! But if the party is on Thursday you can definitely all be well rested for the wedding Saturday and might feel less rushed! 
    We are planning a small party the night before at my parents house and will do a mock rehearsal then. Figured all we needed was the people not necessarily the place!! 
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