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We got the flash drive in the mail today with all 800 images from the big day ! YIKES !  I am so happy with the photos :)  Now I have to furiously get to work on the photo books I am trying to get made on Shutterfly for our mothers in time for Christmas !

Here is the link to some photos from our photographers Website Studio Tran
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  • Everything was beautiful. I loved your dress it was so cute. The reception had a nice touch and through the pictures you can feel the love you guys share. Congrats and wishing you many years of happiness and blessings.  
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  • Beautiful!!! You were gorgeous and y'all are in LOVEEEE hunny! Be blessed!
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  • So beautiful. I loved the first look pictures. you can really see the love yall share. Love love love!
  • Evrything looks amazing.. just a question how long after your wedding did it take to get the photos

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • Thank you so much ladies !  It was so worth all of the stress from planning. We are still smiling & honeymooning over here :)

    @LeciaB We got married on October 19 & he put some photos on the blog the day before Thanksgiving which was perfect so our family could get a peek. We got the actual flash drive with all of our pictures on Dec 6.  It was about 7 weeks but totally worth the wait.
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  • Aww I want to cry so beautiful I am loving your colors and the men's tuxes
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  • Very very very nice! :-)
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  • I can't see the link :-(
  • the studio name is where the link is 
    "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" ~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich~
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  • OpenHeart0117 When i say you looked Beautiful and o how i loved and adored your pics.... Girl im sooo happy for you and i felt like i was there with you! God Bless you and your marriage

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • Your photographer did an AMAZING job! real real nice! you were stunning! Congrats again! that 2nd line looks fun as hayle!
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  • Simply BEAUTIFUL!  

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  • Ok after trying and trying (and not readin thedivav's comment), I finally found the link. It was well worth the wait!!! I love love loved the video at the end. It made me cry and be happy at the same time. OMGoodness I could feel the love and seriousness of your ceremony, and the cut loose and party at your reception. Man I hope my wedding turns out like yours. It looks like it felt good. Congratulations Mrs., you were a gorgeous bride.
  • Beautiful! Just beautiful! I love the second line!
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  • GIRL JUDITH I love all of your pictures! Studio Tran is an awesome photographer in New Orleans! Girl I love everything about your wedding! That 2nd line was all the way awesome! 

    One day, one day!

    Thanks for sharing! Simply beautiful!
  • GUH!!!!!!  did ya'll do it??  I think you did!!

    Mrs. Small?  I love it when they call you big Poppa!! thow ya hands in the air.....

    "Today two families become one, please pick a seat, not a side"  *TEARS*  <---  best wedding directions EVER.  p.s. I'm officially stating for the record that that's getting ripped off, so if you see that phrase again, don't be salty.

    So I just learned from CaseyLee what a 2nd line was and ya'll was tearing it the hell up!!! lol!!  

    Your wedding looked delicious and gorgeous and just ugh, yum!   The picture where he turns with that look on his face (first look/sneak peek?)  chile I was finna cry wid him!! 

    Thanks for sharing ya'll were gorgeous and it looks like you had a blast.
  • Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Studio Tran is AMAZING! May I pick your brain? I'm doing NOLA as a destination, where did you get your cake and what was the flavor?
  • Ladies sorry for the delay in response, we traveled for the holiday & I am just getting settled back in at home. Thank you for all of the lovely compliments ! We feel totally blessed at how everything came together. The Second Line was a secret for our guests & we didn't tell the bridal party about it until the day before at the rehearsal ! LOL It was wonderful & a great surprise to everyone.
    @sultryzuly, please feel free to use whatever you like, these boards & other sites like Etsy. Munaluchi Bridal, were so helpful in giving me inspiration for our day. So many Brides have been so helpful to me throughout the planning.

    @dejeankenney We got our cakes from Flour Power in Chalmette which is just outside of New Orleans, but they deliver all over the area.  They have a website, here is the link.
    The grooms cake was Red Velvet, the wedding cake had different flavors for each tier ( Traditional Wedding Cake, Lemon Butter Creme, & Strawberry Shortcake)

    Have a Happy New Year everyone !

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  • These pics are BEAUTIFUL. You were stunning and yes I teared up at the first look. Congratulations again. The pics were well worth the wait. 

  • You look like you had a really fun wedding. Beautiful pictures.

    Sunday, May 18, 2014 - Baltimore, Maryland

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  • that was sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had tears in my eyes.
  • I could definitely feel the love! Congratulations!
  • Beautiful!  I could feel the love!
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  • Your wedding was absolutely beautiful. You truly captured the spirit of New Orleans. Many blessing on your marriage!
  • OMG! I love love love the pics. You were gorgeous. Everything was beautiful. Congrats dear
    Mrs. Mosley 2 be
  • Breath taking!!!!!! OMG everything was soooo beautiful!!! You were stunning! Simply beautiful wedding & photos!!!
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