Artesano Iron Works?

I saw Artesano last Saturday for a Fall 2014 wedding and loved it. However, now I'm concerned the space isn't big enough for over 200 guests and a band. I'm concerned about the size of the dance floor.
Has anyone attended a wedding here (or planning a wedding here!) for over 200 guests. The event coordinator, Ivan, says he can easily do 220 for a sit down dinner, but I want to make sure my guests have enough space to enjoy themselves.
Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated! 

Re: Artesano Iron Works?

  • We are having our wedding there in September, but for only about 125. It does seem a bit small for your guest list, but they can move the bars and furniture around to accommodate. Also if you were to do a sit down dinner instead of a buffet, you could save room there too.
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  • We just recently got engaged and are planning our wedding for August, 2014. Seams like everybody from the Iron Works is on vacation at this time and we can not get in touch with them for the details and package prices. We are also planning to have around 125 people. Is this place reasonably priced? Just want to get an idea of what to expect and if it is worth looking at this venue. Thanks so much!
  • My sister had her wedding at Artesano in September 2012. I know they will work with you on budget which was important to my sister. Her budget for venue/food was 10-12K for 120 people (buffet stations.) Obviously the prices are probably different for 2014 but it seemed pretty reasonable. They also allow you to bring your own alcohol and provide bartenders which can save you a lot. I think they spent less than 2K on alcohol from Delaware and were able to return unopened bottles. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very elegant without feeling stuffy. Regarding the dance floor, it is not a square shape but there was plenty of room for the guests to dance. Although with 220 people they would probably not all fit on the dance floor at the same time. However, I do believe there would be enough room for a sit down dinner for that many people. There was plenty of room in the dining area for the guests with three buffet stations set up in the same room. Overall, my sister was very happy with the experience. Gratuity was not automatically included so they really were working to get their tip and they definitely earned it. I think it is definitely a good idea to look at the venue.
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