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Possible to lose to much weight?

so i am already a size or 2 smaller than when i bought my gown and im still losing weight, which im fine with im just worried that it will cause a problem when i go in for my fittings, does anyone know how to address this kind of situaton?

Re: Possible to lose to much weight?

  • Did you order your dress in the size you were when you bought it (which you should have) If so, I'd stop losing weight. It depends on your dress and seamstress, but sometimes they can only take in a dress so much before the dress will start loosing it's structure. I would call your seamstress and ask.
  • i did buy it in the size i was in when i bought it, and okay i will do thank you!
  • It depends partly on the dress, and partly on the seamstress. I know of a few alterations specialists who have done things like take apart and resize a grown woman's gown for a child bridesmaid. 3-4 sizes down is often ok. If you're worried, just call up your shop and ask about that dress.
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