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FS - 8 Silver-Grey Tablecloths $60 - pictures included!

Great for a wedding during any season! I used these linens for the head table, card table, dj table, etc, and I included all measurements.

-Lamour satin

-Shiny on one side, matte on the other. Matte is slightly more grey in color.

6 silvery-grey tablecloths
-90" by 132"
-designed for 6' rectangle tables 

2 silvery-grey tablecloths
-90" by 156"
-designed for 8' rectangle tables 

1 silvery-grey table square
-54" square

-designed as square to supplement 10' round table as secondary color, could also be used for a smaller sweetheart table, or to decorate and bring color to the cake table, a cocktail table, or card table 

I have included pictures in shade and in direct sunlight, so you can get an idea of what they look like in all lighting :)

Shipping is subject to change depending on shipping destination, or I will meet someone in Austin for a cash exchange.
Email me - [email protected]
I bought these originally from CV linens, so if you need some more in the same color, or if you want to look at them there, you can check their website.

Re: FS - 8 Silver-Grey Tablecloths $60 - pictures included!

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