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Search isn't working

Search isn't narrowing down by subforum which has rendered it useless. 

Re: Search isn't working

  • To get to the subboards, first choose 'All boards' in the drop down menu below the search box on the right.

    After pressing GO, you'll be taken to a new page with a search box and results.

    There is a drop down menu in the search box to filter by title, author, a specific board and/or date range up to a year from a certain date.

    Please let me know if that still does not work and I'll send the issue over to tech.

  • This is not intuitive as right now on the side it says "Knottie Tech Help" in the drop down, which would imply it is searching only there. However, when I search, it receives global results.
  • Thank you for this! I'll send this over to our team to review
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