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I have a question about chairs.  My coffee hour and my reception dinner are at the same place.  Due to this and the amount of people I have, I don't have enough tables for everyone to be able to sit at a table for both my coffee hour and my reception dinner, so less tables will be available for coffee hour.  But I've got enough chairs, and I want everyone to be able to sit down in case they get tired during the hour or so that they are there, but how do I organize them with no tables to guide where they go?  Should I put them up against the walls?  I've got almost no ideas.  I will have some games going on to entertain people - should I put some chairs close to that so that people can watch? 

Re: Chair question

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    Is a coffee hour like a cocktail hour? I assume you'll be serving food and coffee? Why are there not enough tables? I guess you could maybe get away with it for the coffee hour. But IMO, if you're serving people a meal (dinner in your case), you need to give them tables! What are they supposed to do - eat in their laps while wearing wedding attire? That won't' work. And I can tell you that if I attended a wedding and had to eat my dinner by balancing my plate on my lap, I would be angry. 
  • Sorry, I tried to be clear about that but wasn't.  Since there isn't enough tables for both, it is the coffee (in place of cocktail - church basement, no alcohol, hence no cocktails) hour that will have less tables.  People will be at a seated meal for the reception, so everyone seated at a table for the main meal.

    It'll be mostly finger foods and hot drinks for the coffee hour, if that helps with opinions and ideas.   

  • I've never been to a cocktail hour (or cocktail party, like a work holiday party) that had full tables and chairs for everyone. Often there's just some seating, and some high tables to stand up around. I think that's fine. 

    But since you have all the stuff anyway, I'd just put the extra chairs probably around the edges of the room, almost like a big bench, so people can sit if they want to, and the seats around the tables are already taken. 
  • Thanks @MandyMost!  That sounds good.

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