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My Dress vs. My Mother's Dress

We need some help.  My mom brought home a dress for the wedding the other day that is gorgeous.  We love it, but are afraid it might be alittle too close to my dress.  Her and I are both stuck on it.  She is bringing the dress when she visits next so we can see the two side by side, and compare.  It is an absolutely beautiful dress but there are alot of similarities between the two.  She is leaving the ultimate decision to me.  There is a second dress in question, she bought that dress last summer in her favorite green color that is beautiful too, but this dress is just alittle more beautiful.  What are thoughts.  Are these dresses close or are we just overthinking things?


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Re: My Dress vs. My Mother's Dress

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    I think its perfect! You two will look gorgeous, and just think about how perfect the photographs of you two will look! Her dress definitely compliments yours wonderfully
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