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Thursday wedding

Due to my fiancé's limited time off from work, we decided to get married in Thursday 10/9. The following Monday is a holiday and we'll be going on our honeymoon, so he won't have to take that many days off from work. Although the contract is signed, I still feel weird about it from time to time. Some people think it's a great idea because the celebration can be all weekend long :), others have given me weird looks. Thoughts?

Re: Thursday wedding

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    We're almost date twins! 10/10 here.
    I don't think there's anything wrong with a Thursday wedding, just realize some people may not make it or leave early. I feel a little odd sometimes about having it on a Friday, but a Sat wedding is such a budget buster
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    I was MOH at my friend's weekday wedding recently, and I made sure to take the day off in advance, but there were a lot of friends who didn't want to take the time off for it. It is a little inconvenient for people who have to travel, because that's an extra day off of work, but if they really want to be there, they will be there. Family and close friends will make the effort to go, but don't get hurt feelings if others say they can't make it. 
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    I do not think it is weird.  I originally wanted a Thursday wedding, but could not because of all of my out of town guests, which is 90% of my guest list.  I say it is your day...the people that you mean the most to will make it there no matter what day it is.
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    Awesome and Congrats! Our wedding will be on Thursday 10/23/2014 @ sunset, it's a tribute to my late father. Best wishes and again Congrats!!
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    I guess it depends on what works best for you. Congrats on setting date and getting planning underway. Personally, I would think a Thursday wedding is odd but if you're my friend/relative and I truly cherish you I will go.
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    As long as you cleared the date with your VIPs (Parents, Siblings, potential WP members) before you booked your date, you should be fine.  Just be aware that you might get a higher decline rate, especially amongst out of town guests.

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