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Questions for wedding planner

I have a conference call with my Beaches (sandals) resort wedding planner and I was wondering if there question to ask that one might not think of? I want to have a list of questions ready before I get too excited and forget everything!!

Re: Questions for wedding planner

  • Depending on the number of people you anticipate arriving, any extra tables, food etc you need (if you are planning the private reception) will cost extra per person, they will give you and excel sheet at some point itemizing the costs of the things you want, which you can add or remove until about 6 weeks (more or less) prior to your arrival date.  Also, when I got to meet the on site wedding coordinator, I was able to add on several other items.

    Make sure they tell you your options when it comes to the dinner.  They only showed me the sit down dinner with ONE choice of appetizer for everyone, ONE choice of entrees (were going to allow me TWO choices since I had anticipated 30 guests going), and a dessert tray in addition to my wedding cake.  HOWEVER, when I spoke to the wedding coordinator, she told me about two buffet options, which were WAY better and offered lots more choices!  Mine was $45pp (they also had a $65pp).

    If I remember anything else, I'll come back!
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