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To-Do Tuesday!

Hi ladies,

What is on the agenda this week both WR and NWR?

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Re: To-Do Tuesday!

  • WR - I just picked all my cupcake flavours yesterday :) and I have to pay the remaining balance to my wedding coordinator for everything today, I need to find something borrowed, getting my hair dyed today, gathering ideas for hair and makeup to show my hair/makeup person what I am looking for, making a list of everything I need to pack (because if I don't I will forget everything I need haha), having a spa day and a small dinner and drinks get together thing with some friends this weekend so I can make sure to see them before I leave for the wedding, I need to find earrings, figure out how my fiance can do his hair, do a couple facials, get my diet on track, start exercising more, find someone to watch my cat for a few days, figure out if i need to book in advance someone to steam/dewrinkle my dress after the plane ride, plan a dinner for the day before my wedding, decide if I will be wearing a veil or not (I bought one sort of just in case because I didn't know if I wanted to wear one or not hahaha)...okay this list is getting ridiculous and is starting to freak me out hahahaha

    NWR - Its my last week at this job so I gotta clean everything up make sure all the loose ends are tied and I should start worrying about finding my next job but I am going to save that stress for after the wedding...yeah not many non-wedding related things happening at the moment haha everything is all wedding all the time. Oh except Christmas...I forgot about that hahah so I need to get a few small gifts for that... 

    AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a to-do list.... 

  • WR - The invites will be done and out this week, if it kills me. It's officially driving me crazy. My hair piece just came in (so excited), and my dress should be delivered to my house in the next week or so...then the alterations can begin. I need to start looking for a suit for my 4 year old son too.

    NWR - Keep working out every day, and eating well which means no snacking. Find a new job, my current one is only PT and super slow. 
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