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We expect our wedding to end around 1am and are hoping to provide a shuttle service to and from the venue and hotel. However, we have no idea how many shuttle trips to have run, what time to have them start, or what the cost typically is. None of the nearby hotels provide such a service, so we will have to charter some kind of bus.  Has anyone done something like this?

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    Yes, we did this. We started running the shuttles once the dancing got underway and all the formal stuff was over with. For me, we rented the shuttles by the hour, not by how many trips are made. So we had the shuttle make as many trips to the hotels as was needed until the venue closed down.
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  • First you need to estimate how many people will likely require the shuttle services. Then you can call the charter shuttle/bus companies and see what they recommend. If you have a 5 guests that you expect to use the bus, maybe you have one large bus do one trip in each direction. Or maybe you have 2 smaller busses each do one trip in each direction. Or maybe you have 1 smaller bus do two trips in each direction. 

    In deciding whether to have one trip or two or more trips, think about your guests. Are there some guests that will likely want to leave at 10pm, and others that want to stay until 1am? Then you should have a bus at each of those times. 
  • We are having a shuttle for our wedding. The shuttle company told us they will make as many trips as needed between the hotel and venue. It definitely helped us that the hotel is less than 2 miles from the reception venue, otherwise we would have had to pay per trip.
  • We had a shuttle. You'll rent it by the hour and just explain how you plan to use the service. We rented a 35 person (seated) trolley for our 175 guest wedding. About 60-70% of our guests were not local and staying in hotels.

    Our blocked hotels were 1.5 miles away from the reception so if someone missed a shuttle, they'd wait about 10-15 minutes for the next one. We had it running from the start of cocktail hour to the end of the reception. We did it that way so that people didn't have to drive at all and then realize in the morning their car was still at the reception venue. It was more expensive, but something we really wanted to do. 

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