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Connecticut coast clam bake

Hi everyone - I am hoping to get some help with ideas for the day after our wedding.  We are getting married on a Friday in mid September in a vineyard along the CT coast/Mystic area.  We would like to share some coastal scenary and New England feel for our out-of- town (and local) wedding guests with a Clam Bake on the beach...or at least overlooking it.  I have tried the Ocean House in RI, but it has another event already booked for that day.

We need options that have an indoor/covered back up plan in case of bad weather. 

Any thoughts?  We have also thrown around the idea of a private charter -- but we are planning around 50 people so it would have to be good size and the food is never that good.

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Connecticut coast clam bake

  • I would try posting this to your local board. This is an international board, so not everyone is familiar with that area.

    You may also consider looking at space only and hiring a caterer to do a clam bake. My sister did this for her RD (except in New Orleans and it was a crawfish boil, but same idea). She ended up renting out a courtyard and then contracted a caterer to come in and do the food. Look into community centers, parks and rec rental spaces and other venues that might have the view you're looking for. 

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