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Suit hire for my Step Dad :)

Hi everyone!

I'm guessing there will be older posts on this topic but when I did a search it didn't seem to limit it to the Vegas board which wasn't very helpful so rather than keep trying I'm just going to start a new post - apologies!

My Step Dad wants to hire a suit for our April 14th 2014 wedding as he doesn't ever really need to wear one.  I asked him what kind of suit and he said a Daniel Craig James Bond style suit.  He's 63 and in decent shape, he wants to look sharp but not too young for his age.

What suit hire places can people recommend he go to and is it worth booking an appointment or do people usually just turn up?  The wedding is on a Monday and I suspect they will be aiming to arrive on the Saturday before (traveling from Australia).

Any help appreciated :)


Re: Suit hire for my Step Dad :)

  • Creative Formalwear, they come to and have a 24th turn around 702 483 3642
  • Ur welcome and sorry for typos, my phone is dumb
  • We rented my husband and his grooms men's tuxes at a company here in Calgary and flew down with them to Vegas. He was really worried about trying to find a place in Vegas, getting a tux that he liked and the hassle of doing it last minute. It was more expensive then if we had rented them down there but much less stress for him. The tuxes all traveled well and everybody looked great!
  • Not sure if he'd want to buy one but the Hugo Boss store in the Caesars Palace mall has amazingly quick turnaround even with tailoring on suits and tuxes, and they look really sharp.  When we had our luggage stolen from the airport I needed a new suit quickly for one of our dinner spots and I had it in 24 hours with the pants legs and waist taken in, jacket tapered, sleeves taken in, etc.  I was really shocked, that's a one week delay back at home.  I love vegas lol.

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  • Thanks @J9lawrence unfortunately where he lives in a small beach town in Australia there aren't many decent clothes shops, let alone rental places!  People mostly live in shorts and t-shirts :)

    Thanks for the tip too @vegasgroom - I had thought rather than spend the money on a rental he should put the money towards buying nice suit, but as above, I'd be surprised if he'd get his moneys worth out of wearing it!  I will pass that info on though, that is really quick!
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