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October 2013 Weddings

How's Life Post-Wedding?

Any bumps?  Bruises?  Regrets?  Joys? 

How are things settling in with your husbands (or wives)?

Re: How's Life Post-Wedding?

  • I'll go first! Things are good, thanks!

    We also moved into our new house the evening after the wedding, so it has been a lot of fun decorating and setting up our house.

    Things are good- very much the same as they were before the wedding, but still good!
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  • SInce the wedding things have been good.  We have lived together so thats not new for us.  We moved to a new apartment which I love.  I left my job which was needed I was making myself sick (and the company is going downhill trting the employees even worse).  I still dont have a job which is stressing me out a lot but it will all be okay,

    We are still getting compliments about our wedding and how it was so fun.  We enjoyed ourselves.  
  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    Nothing's changed at all besides my name.

  • Ditto with what @thejucheidea said.


  • Life is great for us!!! Everything went perfectly in my eyes the day of! We had a "fantastically" amazing honeymoon in Europe and saw so many things and were able to get a taste of so many cultures. Now that we are back to a non-wedding planning life - things couldn't be better :).
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  • Everything has been the same as before---good.  We got married on our 12th dating anniversary, so nothing suddenly changed after we got married. 



    The only regret I have is letting my parents get what they wanted with our wedding more than us.  Oh well.  Thank goodness that whole thing is over. 

    Officially hitched as of 10/25/13

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  • Everything is going well for us. We moved to a duplex and its much nicer than our old apartment and a bit cheaper. 
    I changed my name, beating my friend who's been married a year and a half and still hasn't gotten around to hyphenating hers as planned.
    As my DH and I say when we are asked "How's married life?": Its much the same. :)
  • Married life is great!  We are working on purchasing our first house!!!  The day went better than expected.  Just a few hiccups that messed with the day!  :-)

    Sounds like everyone else is settling nicely as well!
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