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We have already sent out our Save The Date's to our family and friends for our Destination Wedding. On the "STD" it has our wedding website, which allows people to RSVP. We still want to send out a formal invitation, but only to all of those who have RSVP'd. What type of language should we use on the invitations, considering the fact that people will have already RSVP'd by the time invitation goes out?

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    Is there any reason why you only want to send invitations to people who have RSVP'd. It could be considered poor etiquette to send a STD but no formal invitation. I also had some guests who were waiting for the formal invitation/closer to the wedding to book the trip. Another consideration is that peoples circumstances may change. We have a few guests who initially said they couldnt make it but changed their mind after the formal invites went out.

    I think you can still go with traditional invitation wording but just put an insert with the invitations that says:

    You said yes!

    We are thrilled that you are coming to our wedding and
    Cant wait to ccelebrate with you.

    See you in < Destination>

    Love Bride & Groom

    Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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    We sent ours out today, all 19 of them. We used formal wording, but no RSVP cards (its all family and very, very close friends). It's how you choose to set it up. We did what worked best for us, and our guests.

    I do think that if you sent STD's to people, you need to send them an invitation as well. As PP said, they could have changed their minds or figured out how to swing it. 
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    I would send invites to everyone, not just people who RSVP yes.  I only received about 1/2 my RSVP's back, some because a few people weren't sure that far in advance if they could go and some because people are just lazy. Sadly, not everyone RSVP's, even if they plan to attend, so don't necessarily assume that they aren't coming if you don't get RSVP.  And if they RSVP as no, if it is far in advance, they may change their mind. I have several guests that didn't RSVP at all because it was just too far in advance for them to know if they could make the trip for our wedding or not.  If I had to press them for answer now, they would say no, but their answer may change before wedding. 

    We put all of our wedding info on our website, but we have a couple guests (mainly older guests) who aren't "computer people" and didn't go to our website.  So, we ended up on the phone relaying all of the wedding info and booking details to some people, instead of them going and finding it on the website.  For that reason, I would also offer a option to RSVP via phone, for those non-computer types. 


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    Thanks Everyone


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