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Two Sets of Bridesmaids?

Good evening ladies!!

I have a dilemma that has been stressing me out and getting the best of me. Initially, I had 10 bridesmaids (I know, a lot!) now I have 11 because my fiancé's cousin asked to be a bridesmaid and I really couldn't say no. She is his cousin on his mom's side of the family and she is the only family related to his mom who is in the wedding. (In our culture, it's customary to mix families in the wedding party) I don't have a problem with her being a bridesmaid and she seems like a cool person but I don't want an odd number of bridesmaids.

So, here is where the problem comes in... I asked my other bridesmaids for one of them to volunteer to be a hostess at the wedding. Of course no one wanted to volunteer. I then asked one of the bridesmaids personally to be a hostess and she told me no she's going to be a bridesmaid. I feel that the girls are being selfish and if they really want to be a part of my big day and help make it special, one of them should just volunteer. 

My other solution is to go up to 12 bridesmaids but I wouldn't want all 12 walking down the aisle at the same time. So my question is, is it weird, tacky, or too much to split the bridesmaids into two groups and have them walk down the aisle? In my culture(I'm Haitian), you don't just walk, there is choreography-which I love.

Order of procession like this:

Bridesmaids (Group 1)
Bridesmaids (Group 2)
Maid of Honors
Ring bearer
Flower girls

Re: Two Sets of Bridesmaids?

  • Send them down the aisle in exactly the same way you would have a smaller group.  I was a hostess once, because I did not know what that meant when I accepted.  Turns out it meant greeting guests, taking charge of the registry book, and at times, assisting on the buffet line.  Never again, so you can't ask a maid to step into that role, it's rude.  If the processional is choreographed, then it will not matter how many ladies there are, people will be entertained.  From your order list, it seems that the groom and groomsmen are already at the altar, so you've cut the time in half from the beginning.
  • Thanks @lauderdalepink I see what you're saying. Now I'll have a lot to think about. I'm sure whichever decision I make, I'll be uneasy about it until the wedding day and the processional is over with
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