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Icemageddon Weekend

Anybody else have a wedding Icemageddon Weekend and have any crazy stories to tell? 

My bride's hairstylist cancelled on her the night before the wedding, her backup hairstylist cancelled on her the morning of the wedding and the assistant make-up artist never showed up.  The make-up artist lost power to her place so her alarm never woke her up and wound up showing up late and having to do all twelve of the bridesmaids' makeup including the bride AND agreed to do her hair. 

We had a few guests that were supposed to come from out of town BUT all if-not-most flights into DFW were cancelled.  I had 2 former Marine buddies (my GM) who were tenacious enough to fly into Houston and rent a car to brave the icy roads from Houston into Dallas overnight to make it. 

In the end, the people that needed to be there were there, a majority of our guests braved the icy roads and made it, and we had an all-star lineup of vendors that didn't let a little ice get in the way of making this a crazy memorable wedding. 

Re: Icemageddon Weekend

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    Congratulations!  I saw Amanda from Splendor Films post on FB that her bride's hairstylist cancelled -- was that y'all?



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    Yeppp that was us.  Thanks!  MLK said, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."  We saw a lot of people (notably the bride) and vendors shine that day.
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