June 2014 Weddings

June 21st Brides

Hello everyone, just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I know this is a stressful time for us, we will get through it.lol. Summer weddings are wonderful and that's when that cool breezing air comes in and ur having fun. Well i am very glad that we pick the day we have. How everyone a very bless one and stay positive and nooo stress.

Re: June 21st Brides

  • I can't believe it's ALMOST 6 months away! Lots to still be done, but we do have everything booked. The end of this month we go back to the bakery to design our wedding cake so that should be fun. We also recently decided we were going to try doing some dance classes for some west coast swing as part of our first dance. So that should be fun (and entertaining). Hope all wedding planning has been going well with you. I can't wait until June 21st!
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