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Though wedding parties can be fun- My fiance and I have decided not to have them. We think it will reduce the drama, expense, inconveniences, and responsibility for us and our friends, and will make it more about us. I am confident in my decision in doing this, but I am also curious if anyone else out there is doing the same or similar? I am interested in hearing different approaches. 

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  • We are!  We decided to have a VERY small wedding day with just our parents and siblings and a JP. We are getting married on the beach in Mass then going to a nice dinner.  We then decided to rent a vacation home in Maine for a week to have some of the people that would have been in our wedding party join us for a Post Nup vacation where we will get all dressed up again and take photos in Acadia National Park and go out to dinner/dancing for the night.  Meanwhile enjoying all the drama free bridal stuff and we still get to celebrate in a great way with everyone.

  • We didn't have a wedding party.  We didn't want to have to pick and choose among our friends, and we didn't want anyone to feel pressured to spend money on various wedding party expenses.  We had a 150-person wedding, and I don't regret at all not having a wedding party.  We did ask our siblings to do various things in our ceremony.  

  • oh good I was a little worried that I might "miss" something with not having a wedding party but now I think it is all for the best! :)
  • @jessicabessica Glad to hear it worked well for you! Again, I love the idea, but everyone that I tell is so shocked! 
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    We are doing a small wedding as well our only attendants are going to be my FI's two children.  I think it will be a perfect day for us because we are both low-key.  So I say do what feels right for you as a couple and don't worry about what anyone else has to say.  :-) 
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