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Christmas NW

What a wonderful time of year to be engaged!! How are you celebrating this milestone? Any exciting gifts you want to share? They bought us diamonds think they are expecting something nice in return? lol 

Re: Christmas NW

  • My honeymoon starts on Christmas haha we are kind of skipping Christmas this year...
  • I was just coming in here to make a similar topic. I'm still not sure what to get DH.

    I was thinking I'll officially change my last name as a gift to him. I've been pretty reluctant to change it so I think he might enjoy the surprise for our first married christmas.

    I was also thinking of getting hime tickets to a hockey game. 
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  • @TerriHugg That is really memorable!! I would do that for the first anniversary because it would fall into the paper tradition which could be cute!
  • We made a $10 limit on gifts this year. FI is getting flannel pajama pants. All of our money is going towards the wedding and honeymoon now. We made these for presents for our friends, coworkers and family. What do I want to get him? A GoPro. Not happening.
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