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Beautiful you

Are any of you starting any beauty regimens to prepare for your big day?? Or have any beauty tips to share in general?

I have really thick hair and after I shave (underarms, legs, and va jay jay) you can see the re growth beginning in hours. Not only that, they itch! Any tips on lotions, shaving creams or oils to type to keep my legs from burning or getting razor burn??

Also any tips for make up to try/products to use with having really dry skin? I went to sephora and have a goats milk face wash and their extra strength facial lotion but I don't use them every day like I should. I've thought about getting a clarasonic to see if that might help. I also got the beginners set of Bare Minerals but not sure how I like it yet. I don't like how the powder makes my dry skin look even dryer. I've also tried the face primer but the dry skin starts to come up when I use it

Re: Beautiful you

  • I use store brand cetaphil moisturizing cream on my legs after I shave. Gives great moisture, very gentle, and fragerence free. I do a facial moisturizing mask about once a week (I have dry skin too). Let me know if you find anything that works for your skin, I'd love to give it a try too!
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  • I will have to try that! We use some kind of that for my 2 year old with eczema so I'll try some of his and see how it works. I've tried one of those face brushes and that just makes it worse, I've tried those peel mask and the apricot scrub both make it worse lol. I think the face cleanser and lotion might work better if I use it everyday like you're supposed to. I'll try that for 2 weeks and see if I notice a difference
  • I have a whitening treatment coming from my dentist once my braces come off sometime in the next few months so I'll have that to use but for now I swish peroxide 2 x a day a few days a week and that helps surprisingly well.

    I also need to lose about 10 lbs. they had me buy my dress off the rack in a size lower than I had planned so the corset has about a half inch to get it to cover completely or they have to alter it. I plan on really starting that in Jan.

    I'm making and appointment with a plastic surgeon soon too. I've noticed my asymmetrical face has slowly gotten worse and it's all I'm thinking about anytime a photo is taken of me. I think it's mostly from one sides eyebrow fat part sagging more than the other but I notice it all the time now. I look like I could be related to Sloth from the Goonies
  • I have a clarisonic and love it, although I have the opposite problem...horribly oily skin. My mom has dry skin and she loves it for her as well. She also uses the oil of olay in the red jar, it helps a lot. 

    I plan to lose some more weight, FI and I have both gone on a major diet over haul, and whiten my teeth. As for shaving, we started waxing and really think its worth it. I was scared to death to do it, but after a lot of convincing I agreed to try it. I have to say I won't go back to shaving. My skin is so much smoother, stays that way longer, and I don't have to worry about razor burn and such. 
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  • How often do you have to do the waxing? I've thought about doing that the week of depending on finances at that time. I've had eyebrows and upper lip waxed often and had a Brazilian done once and didn't make it more than half way before I had to stop lol but that wasn't in a salon with all those lovely lotions that help with the after pain
  • I go every 4.5-5 weeks, it's nice and honestly after a couple of visits I don't feel it anymore. My eyebrows sting worse, I would suggest going some where that focuses only on waxing. I found a  wax parlor, and absolutely love it.
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