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We are getting married in an Episcopal Church(yay progressive religions!) and are having a friend of ours play and sing " A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri as we both walk down the aisle. Has anyone else played songs or had different entrance music other than the classic traditional music?

Also- should we have our BM's walk down to something else, or just the music of our song and have her start singing when our procession starts?
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Re: Entrance Music

  • The funny thing is, we put so much thought and effort into this decision for my daughter's wedding, and I can't even remember hearing the music!  I know it was there, but I was so emotional at that moment.  To make a long story short, don't get hung up on this detail, guests will b admiring the bridesmaids and waiting to see you.  Let your friend sing whatever that person feels he/she does best.
  • I walked to In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, the wedding party walked to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, and our recessional was Star Wars: Throne Room all performed by string trio. 

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  • As a former violinist, I can't listen to most classical music without having horrible flashbacks. lol We're using "Marry Me" by Martina McBride/Pat Monahan for the WP, and I will be piped in by our bagpiper, who will also pipe everyone out at the end of the ceremony.

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